In The Last Spell you try to banish all magic from a post-apocalyptic fantasy world and have to cast "the last spell" in your city, which is supposed to reverse the once conjured cataclysm along with its monster hordes.

The Last Spell

  • Greg Burn
  • Jun 26, 2021
Several mages have prepared everything necessary to save the world, but must be protected by random heroes during the spell casting process, which lasts several days. During the day there is practically no danger lurking, but at night large hordes of monsters rush in and try to prevent "the last spell" ...

The Last Spell is a turn-based tactical role-playing game with rogue-lite elements, in which the goal is to protect the wizards and ideally also defend the city since practically any support is welcome in battle. Fighting takes place at night. During the day, wounds are healed, characters are improved, the city is expanded and defenses are raised. The game is not a tower defense in that sense, but rather a "hero defense".

At night, the three controllable heroes compete (turn by turn) against a largely superior force. Overpower is no exaggeration here, as there can easily be over 90 enemies on the screen. Such masses of enemies are normally not known from such games. At first, they only attack from one direction, which makes defense quite easy, but later they come from several sides.

Fighting is mainly done with heroes that don't belong to any classes. Rather, you choose the classes or the playstyle yourself by choosing weapons and certain perks after level-ups, after all, the usable abilities are related to the weapon types - so a melee fighter with a sword could also be handed a crossbow or a wand. Each character has primary and secondary stats, limited health and mana regeneration (daytime only), and other properties. Randomly generated equipment items are also added.


The Last Spell hits the spot pretty well. I like tower defense games. I like turn-based tactics role-playing games that play quickly. And well-implemented rogue-lite mechanics and loot spirals motivate me as well. Therefore, The Last Spell should be a win-win-win situation, which is also thanks to the formidable soundtrack. The tactical battles against the monster hordes play first-class. They offer a surprising amount of depth and despite many random elements, a small troop of heroes can take on enemy masses that are unheard of in the genre. The city expansion is also okay, while the two progression systems offer a noticeable boost. Of course, you should have a soft spot for difficult and uncompromising games and random elements - and be aware that you will fail, and fail several times. Why The Last Spell doesn't get a "very good" is because it relies solely on the great combat and offers too little variety.