Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is the offspring of its just once: While there were more changes in earlier years - from part 1 to 2 the CoD factor increased, part 3 tried its hand at an open world - this time nothing has changed conceptually: Li.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

  • Greg Burn
  • Jun 29, 2021
e part 4, the current episode relies on five large sandbox missions, each with several primary objectives as well as plenty of optional stuff. Completing the important missions unlocks the next level and earns cash and level-up points, while the additional objectives only add more ash to your pocket. It plays like this: After Raven is dropped off at the starting point of the target area, he is given some terse hints about the mission objectives, plus the approximate destinations are marked on the rough map. Once you have completed one of the objectives after a lot of sneaking and sniping (more on that in a moment), several exfiltration points appear on the map. Once there, you receive the reward for the recently completed mission and can decide: Return to the main menu and perhaps buy guns plus improve skills, or continue playing in the current area.

SGWC2's save system is unfortunately not a friend of the player: namely, you are not allowed to save at any time, which destroys the appeal of a perfect game.

While sneaking through rocky deserts, a mountainous region riddled with enemy bases, nocturnal forests, or an oriental harbor area in the first-person view, one thing above all is crucial: not being discovered. If your shots are heard (which is rare), corpses are discovered (happens), or kills or misses are directly observed (the main reason), the entire base usually changes to alert mode and knows your exact whereabouts on top of that. From a purely logical point of view, this sounds stupid, and it plays like it - for one thing, you'll be shot at with a machine gun from hundreds of meters away, and for another, mortar rounds will rain down from the sky. Good for the one who has a retreat into a tunnel system or sits high up on a tower. The first option allows you to escape, the second to fight. From a superior position, you can take out a dozen or more guards one by one.


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is for a roller coaster of emotions: annoyed to no end by the stupid save system and the fact that if you miss, the entire base goes on alert and hunts you down, even though no one should know your position. Elsewhere, you suddenly feel like a cool sniper agent, descending into a high-security base by elevator, hacking cameras, sneaking through narrow corridors, taking out armored guards with special ammo, exploring the base by drone, and escaping unmolested with an important access card. Shooting with a sniper rifle feels good, and the sound design during the slow-motion kills is also convincing. The leveling up system for equipment, skills, and gadgets is okay, professionals can specialize nicely here. All in all, the second Contracts is a ray of hope at the end of the gloomy Sniper Ghost Warrior tunnel - but it still doesn't shine as brightly as Sniper Elite 4.