In SaGa Frontier you can experience the adventures of seven characters who travel through a bizarre universe and whose fates are sometimes more, sometimes less closely intertwined: Ex-model Emilia is looking for the murderer of her fiancé,.

SaGa Frontier Remastered

  • Greg Burn
  • Jun 23, 2021
while engineer Red has lost his entire family in a massacre. Mage Blue, in turn, is supposed to fight a deadly duel with his brother to gain true power, while hybrid creature Asellus, saved from death, is not accepted by anyone.

Monster Riki, on the other hand, searches for magic rings to save his home, while musician Lute leaves his native village for the first time and robot T260 tries to restore his sketchy memory to fulfill an important mission. The new edition even adds an eighth protagonist, Fuse, but you have to unlock him first - and that takes time. In some story arcs, you can reach the showdown in less than an hour, but without excessive grinding, you have no chance of success.

And that brings us to one of the biggest criticisms of the game, because who still wants to spend hours grinding away from any narrative framework? Not even the difficulty level can be adjusted. In addition, the character development is quite arbitrary, as is typical for the series, sometimes stats are improved after a fight and new skills are unlocked, sometimes - not to mention the boring structure and staging of the fights.

You can see potential enemies at any time, but you can rarely avoid them. If contact is made, you can make simple formation adjustments and start the fight, which is fought out in classic turn-by-turn fashion until all opponents or party members are knocked out. If you play with additional functions activated, you can even flee from hopeless fights in advance as well as increase the general game speed. Otherwise, you can attack, defend yourself, and use items and skills. If certain skills are used in succession, combos can be discovered and activated.

In total, you can form up to three teams with five party members each, who can belong to four different races: Humans are all-rounders with hardly any restrictions, monsters can't equip weapons and learn spells, but can absorb and combine abilities from enemies. Mechs also can't use spells but can use chassis-dependent techniques, while mystics can both cast spells and absorb abilities from enemies and implement them in equipment.


In addition to content expansions, practical additional features such as a turbo mode, an escape option before battles, and a new New Game Plus mode have also been implemented. Nevertheless, the title is hardly up to date in terms of technology and staging as well as navigation and orientation. Especially the grind-heavy gameplay and the very arbitrary character development are a high hurdle. However, the user interface and dramaturgy have also clearly gathered dust - not to mention the lack of a soundtrack.