You are here in the role of such a title giver for law and order provides - mostly anyway on the planet Enoch, to which mankind has fled after the earth was no longer habitable.


  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Jun 28, 2021
But the move didn't go completely smoothly, of course, which is why you spend a good 30 years in deep sleep to wake up again in a war-torn world.

So it's a good thing that an anomaly gave you powers that add powerful abilities to shooting bandits and other creatures. And so you throw poison-spitting turrets onto the battlefield, let a kind of small volcano erupt, or even slow downtime. Outriders is not a cover shooter. People Can Fly has created an action that thrives on a mostly fast-paced, very brute exchange of blows, with cover only serving as a brief respite.

There are four classes to choose from, whose abilities differ greatly. The Technomancer, for example, is responsible for the turrets and can also heal comrades-in-arms, while the Pyromancer not only triggers lava eruptions but also lets their opponents burn to inflict particularly large damage on marked enemies. Assassins, on the other hand, inflict damage on attackers in close combat but have to retreat quickly, while ravagers pounce on enemies with high jumps.

And when this kicks in after maybe twenty hours of the campaign, which can be up to twice as long, it's really fun!

Not only do you constantly find armor pieces and weapons, but you also equip them with mods, many of which extend an outrider's abilities by, for example, increasing the area damage of eruptions or adding a status effect to the damage done. Other mods activate a shield in certain situations, increase firepower from cover, or decrease the duration of negative effects. Modifications for weapons mainly cause certain effects to be dealt with.


It's quite fun to watch big and small enemies melt away in slow motion under status effects, explosions, and gun salvos. Not the weapons, but the strong abilities are the stars here, especially since you should use them very often, not only to quickly reduce health bars but also to keep yourself alive. In addition, there are pleasantly versatile possibilities for character development, with which tinkerers can create the perfect setup for them. They may not save it, though - so much of Outriders is not only strangely amateurish, but has been flat-out screwed up: These include the lack of a compass on the radar, tutorial texts that can't be turned off, and that you've read a thousand times before, and semi-transparent character models when wearing certain clothes. Above all, however, this includes a dynamic in the battles that require active movement including good timing but get lost in the boring repetition of the same thing over and over again. Outriders have absolutely nothing to offer apart from the action. The fragmented level tubes, in which you don't even have to search for cleverly hidden crates, seem to be borrowed from an old hardware generation, and the narrative is an unparalleled disaster.