As in 2020, you'll be happy about the fat license package, which includes not only Moto GP but also the junior classes as well as classic machines, historic riders, and even former tracks like Donington or Laguna Seca.


  • Greg Burn
  • Jul 04, 2021
Other plus points include setup options with mechanic support, customizable race weekends, and crisp driving physics that can be defused with various aids and the optional rewind function. Those who want to live out their creative streak can let off steam in the editor, again crafting stickers and sharing their works of art with the community. Those who are more interested in team management, on the other hand, will find what they are looking for in the career, the concept of which is more or less identical to last year. Not only do you sit on the saddle, but you also have to take care of the further development of components and the staff, including task assignments. Not to mention that you have to keep an eye on finances and contract offers.

There are still a few small innovations in terms of content: For one thing, the long-lap penalty has been added to the penalty catalog. In case of too many offenses, especially repeated disregard of the track boundary, the driver will be charged with a small detour, which will cost additional time. Those who like it particularly realistic can now also deactivate the automatic reset to the track ("respawn") after an accident. Instead, you have to sprint to the machine yourself with your driver and straighten it up again - if you have activated the mechanical damage model in addition to the visual one, you have to reckon with corresponding impairments in the driving physics and performance after a crash.

There is virtually no progress in the area of AI: Milestone's system unfortunately still doesn't manage to provide an authentic racing experience. The drivers continue to act frighteningly brutishly, stubbornly following their line and bringing a certain shoot-down mentality to light. The victim of the kamikaze actions is usually the player, while AI drivers are often allowed to drive unmolested after collisions. Although the driver field is definitely a tough competitor in higher levels and can be finely scaled to the desired level, the frequent and sometimes just plain stupid accidents are more reminiscent of inexperienced amateurs and less of professionals competing in one of the most demanding motorsport series.


In terms of content and technology, hardly anything has changed in Moto GP 21 compared to its predecessor - if you disregard the half-baked sprint inserts after crashes or simulative additions such as the long-lap penalty and the importance of brake temperature. But where are the overdue improvements to the crash- and bump-happy AI? Where are the split-screen local multiplayer races? Where's the evolution of the career or the overhaul of outdated animations? Moto GP 21 is a prime example of stagnation! Even worse, because with the historical model, the Italians have even deleted content from the predecessor without replacement.