With Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2, Rainbow Studios stages fully licensed races, destruction competitions, and trick shows of the iconic steel titans.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Jun 27, 2021

The gameplay of Monster Jam: Steel Titans 2 is simple: With one of the large number of unlockable trucks you either crash through open areas, practice tricks, and collect half-heartedly hidden badges, or compete against other AI trucks in arena competitions or checkpoint races. There is a world championship in 20 chapters, which unlocks more trucks and new areas. Here, you have to complete drearily presented and lovelessly reeled off career events, while the vehicles individually advance in level and thus automatically improve in several categories such as engine, transmission, suspension, and co.

In the open world, some "secrets" can only be found with the right monster - for example, an oversized pink doghouse only opens for monster Mutt Poodle, and only for Blue Thunder does lightning strike elsewhere. That's nice, but this journey of discovery isn't exciting. At least the gradually unlocked areas are themed to the track teams. For example, the Ruff Crowd has a playground with dog houses, bones, etc., while the Undead trucks, such as Grave Digger and Zombie, are on the road in a Halloween world. Also nice are the team-specific special abilities like the slipstream boost, which at least somewhat differentiate the otherwise very similar companions in terms of performance.

In the arena, either enough things have to be crushed at the bottom of the tire, best times have to be driven or enough points have to be earned in freestyle via wheelie, stoppie, bicycle, and co. using multipliers to reach the top of the leaderboard. In events in the more open areas, either race has to be won in tight circuits or points placed freely in the area have to be reached in any way in checkpoint events.

None of the races are presented in a particularly handsome manner, and none of the 20 events in the World Championship career offer much more than a compilation of the standard events mentioned above. Above all, the arenas always look the same, which means that the events quickly feel rather repetitive - especially since you start from scratch with each new truck and have to grind your way to new levels by repeating the events to hold your own against the AI drivers.


No, Monster Jam: Stell Titans 2 isn't a total bad. There are plenty of iconic monster trucks, themed open areas, numerous secrets, and largely solid arcade driving physics that can entertain, at least briefly. However, the loveless events in the very similar-looking arenas, the rather mediocre technology despite the Unreal Engine and a sometimes creepily weak enemy AI stand in the way. Thus, only a below-average monster truck racing game remains, which leaves too much potential of its fun license in the arena dust.