Tips and Tricks of Terraria

  • Greg Burn
  • Oct 23, 2021
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Tips and Tricks of Terraria

Terraria is a 2D adventure, exploration and crafting game that has been developed and published by Re-Logic and 505 Games. In this game, the player is thrown into a large world with a near-infinite amount of things to do. The player can explore the world, fight enemies, craft items, and much more. The player can also use the world to create a castle, a home for themselves, or a large garden.

1. Always make arenas before boss fights

Boss fights are the most challenging battles in Terraria. They require a lot of preparation. If you are not prepared, the boss will make you pay. The first thing you should do is make an arena. An arena can be created by using dirt or sand to make walls, and then adding platforms, spikes, and other obstacles. It is best to make a wide and spacy arena, so it is easier to dodge boss attacks.

2. Make a lot of healing and protection potions before boss fights

A boss fight is a big and challenging test. The player has to survive the boss and its attacks for a long time. The player needs to be prepared and have enough healing and protection potions. The player should also make sure they have a lot of money, so they can buy more potions. Also, you can enhance your performance by brewing some additional potions, like regeneration potion, speed potion, fire circle potion, thorns potion, etc.

3. Make sure your inventory is organized

It is important to organize your inventory. If you are not organized, the player might forget where they put items. You can make your inventory more organized by making an item filter. You can filter items by name, category, item type, etc.

4. Make use of weapon buffs

If you're a melee class character, you can use shaman's poison potions to add poison damage to your weapon, and if you're a bowman or a gunner, you can experiment with different kinds of stuff to make your projectiles from, for example, ichor bullets greatly reduce enemy's defense stat temporarily.

5. You can use the Starfury Sword as a "legal" wallhack

Starfury sword has the ability to summon star projectiles from the sky aiming to the point you hold your cursor at, this can be used to flash what's behind the walls or inside the walls. This way you can find many rare ores you wouldn't have found otherwise. This can greatly reduce your expenses for spelunker potions.

Exploration & Action

Terraria is a game with many gameplay features. The game has a large world with an infinite amount of things to do. The player can explore, fight, craft, and work on building their home. The game can be played by many different classes. There are also many different weapons to use. It is important to be prepared for boss fights and to organize your inventory.

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